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Social Media

Responsive Design

74% of marketers use Twitter as a main social media site to deliver content – Content Marketing Institute (2012)

Facebook to Foursquare, Yelp to Google Plus, Twitter to Pinterest, Tumblr to Reddit. Social Media is a conversation worth getting into.

We consider your client’s goals, and then survey the social landscape for them. Customers who are directed to Social Media through traditional advertising should find compelling content which display your client’s personality, as well as the qualities that make them great.  We deliver a detailed map that brings to light these winning strategies and ties them into your current initiatives. Social Media is the easiest, most cost effective way to speak to your customers in real time.

Properly completed social media profiles, with constantly updated content, will increase your SEO, branding, and customer loyalty. You can grow your company nationally through networking and e-commerce, while building great relationships with your customer base.

Social media also allows you to go viral with native advertising.

Yelp is the hottest spot for business reviews, and can be one of your biggest allies or biggest enemies if you’re not managing it properly. We create your account and monitor your reviews daily. We respond to your customers and assist you with reputation management—all through one ingenious platform.

Our dedicated team of digital experts will work with you to develop communications unique to your business (special events, coupons, new products or services, contests, etc.) and incorporate them into your posts. Your Account Rep is at your disposal to incorporate the messages and offers most important to your business.

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