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Search Engine Marketing (SEM, CPC, PPC) determines which keywords and search engines deliver the strongest ROI, while showing what parts of the country are delivering the lowest cost per lead and what days of the week and times of the day are most optimal to invest in converting keywords. The software shifts bidding strategy in real-time.

The software tracks individual IP addresses of each potential customer and shows the path that leads to a conversion as well as the visitor’s location.

We will run your program through the most sophisticated system as recognized by Google. How we use our proprietary system goes well beyond what is being done now with Google AdWords and a Google Direct relationship.

Digital Insider offers more actionable items on your clients’ sites (Calls, Form Submissions and Site Navigation profiles etc). We provide a real-time in-depth review of data not currently captured by any other company in the United States. While that is a big statement, our technology is leading the way for many large corporations and is recognized by Google.


The Ability to shift bidding strategy real time on a regional or national campaign will identify areas where we are driving the lowest cost per lead and push more dollars there. In the same way, we will save thousands each month by minimizing our bidding in high cost per lead areas. It is typical to see leads increase by 10-20% in the early going of a campaign and continue to improve. The advertiser’s online investment is the same, but leads and sales increase based on technology.

Our online reporting will detail every dollar spent and can be accessed daily for real-time analysis. These reports will provide your team the details needed to validate expenditures at a moments notice.
Search Engine Marketing

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