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Reputation Management

Target Pre-Qualified Customers

Take control of your online reputation. Don’t lost customers to negative reviews.

Step 1

Our platform makes this easier than ever before with a unique reviews URL. The link can easily be distributed around the web and in use in multiple formats.

The software integrates coupons and social media so you turn customers into brand evangelists that grow your business.

Step 2

We ensure that each review is certified and authenticated by you before it is ever posted. All information is protected in our secure database where you can examine the reviews, the ratings, where they come from and where they’re getting posted online.

Step 3

Positive reviews are referred to targeted reviews website to make comments. This is a simple process of making sure only positive reviews are posted. Now when customers search your business, they find positive reviews that you want them to see.

Step 4

5-Star Reviews has metrics that show you the reviews created and when and where they’ve been posted.

Reputation Management NJ

Step 5
  • Works with all major reviews sites including Google and Yelp
  • Allows for unlimited reviews to be captured and customer commented
  • 3rd party reviews syndications and on behalf of is optional and subject to changes
  • Includes integration for coupons, social media referrals and email marketing
  • Allows for automated reviews solution
  • Includes customer satisfaction analytics

Part of managing your reputation is being able to look at data and analytics and make a conclusion. Digital Insider’s compressive analytics will give you the vision you need to succeed.

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