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Responsive Design

In 2013 time spent with mobile is expected to rise to 37%

The direct relationship between increased sales and mobile marketing has never been more important than it is today. Create ads geared to the medium which they are being served. For instance “Shop now from your tablet” is a stronger call to action than “Shop online.”

While tablets and smartphones get lumped together because they are both portable touch screen devices, it is important to understand that what works with smartphones may not fit tablets. Formatting, page sizes, icons, and all the things that make your website great, might make your mobile site unmanageable.

Once you begin talking to your client’s about HTML5 versus a site with Flash-heavy content, many will begin to tune out, but the fact remains that a business with one website, is only slightly better than a business with no website.

Digital Insider handles all three website formats with HTML5 graphics and interactive content. In addition, All the services listed on the left navigation bar are mobile capable!


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