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Database Marketing

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Target Pre-Qualified Customers

We generate lists of potential customers using qualified opt-in databases of global consumers and business-to-business records. Target your audience precisely.

How It Works

  • Low overhead cost
  • Promote specific products or services
  • Generate valuable leads
  • Drive traffic that’s prepared to buy
  • Re-activate past customers and generate repeat business
  • Increase sales

We are a multi-channel marketing firm specializing in permission based opt-in email; we are the aggregator of the data, the direct source. Every local business should be utilizing email marketing. You should do everything you can to convert more leads into sales and maximize the lifetime value of every customer. Our qualified membership database consists of global consumer and business-to-business records.

All of our data is self-reported and compiled in accordance with the Can-Spam guidelines.What sets us apart is our behavioral targeting methodology used to enrich the data. By using our behavioral targeting and surveys Digital Insider has the capability of reaching your client’s prospective customers in an extremely precise and cost-effective manner. With hundreds of key micro-targeting factors, we can custom create specific demographic or interest-based lists.The travel, luxury, automotive, and medical verticals are significant for us. On average, our data performs at 10-15% open rate with a click-through rate of 1-2.5% of the total amount sent.

When tailoring a list for a client, we evaluate a number of factors, such as selecting the right data based on your unique needs, message, and targets. In addition, we evaluate each list by determining its mailing frequency and past performance to optimize your overall results. Our data acquisition team continuously explores new relationships, services and selection.


Responsive and Deliverable Data is what makes us different

  • Deliverability — We guarantee 100% delivery of your email campaign. If a message is bounced back, it will be replaced with a valid deliverable address immediately.
  • Pristine Data Hygiene — Daily scrubs and weekly passes of our data are done through the ECOA (email change of address).
  • Largest data variable selects in the marketplace — With hundreds of selects to choose from like age, income, location, even specific
  • Interests and lifestyle profiles we have your target ready.
  • True CAN-SPAM Compliance — We use 100% guaranteed opt-in lists.
  • *Real Time-Online Tracking — Our clients can now benefit from real-time online tracking, which provides total transparency of delivery. We can test, track and deploy a campaign all in 48 hours to keep our 100+ million opt-in records fresh and responsive
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