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The Importance of Analytics

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Analytics is one of the most important components to your digital advertising. Google Analytics is the industry standard for determining your web traffic, sources, viewing time, and bounce rates—allowing you to accurately monitor your investments, set goals, and determine how to adjust your strategy.

Digital Insider uses analytics to drill into the issues your client may be having with their website. With the information provided, your sales team will be able to identify the problems their business is experiencing and match it to a solution. This is part of The Multi-Screen Review.

google-analytics-goalsGoogle Analytics; Goal Setting

Google analytics gives you 20 goal conversion tracking opportunities. The concept is simple. All you need is to have conversions in place to monitor your performance. Track your investments and make decisions by looking at the goal conversion activity.


Google Analytics; Sources Review

Google Sources is a segment on the analytics report. Sources can be ranked by traffic, bounce rate, or goals.

Your client is spending money on SEM, and the keywords they outlined should be monitored. We closely study paid sources to see which ones are indexing. Keywords that don’t perform are fine tuned, or replaced by more effective terms.

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