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How To Use Hashtags and Social Media [Infographic]


Are you new to social media marketing? Or are you an old pro looking to reach your audience in different ways? In either case, chances are if you haven’t used or created one yourself, you’ve seen a hashtag at work every time you login to your social media accounts. Hashtags are a simple and easy way of joining conversations across different social media accounts, allowing you to grow your prospective audience by reaching out through similar themes and labels that matter to you and your business. It’s a sure-fire way of making sure your message is heard by exactly who you want it to be, as well as getting the word out to more interested parties than you originally would have.

Want to get started, but you aren’t quite sure how? New Jersey digital advertising agency Digital Insider has got you covered with this awesome infographic describing the in’s and out’s of hashtags and how to properly manage and use your own to social media marketing success.

hashtags and social media - digital insider

Still have questions regarding social media marketing in general? Be sure to contact New Jersey digital advertising agency Digital Insider (or search out our hashtag on social media – #DigitalInsiderLLC), and we’ll be happy to help!

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