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How To Handle Trending Content!


As everyone who’s ever used the internet knows, online content can be directed towards different topics and audiences throughout the world-wide-web. Staying up to date with trending content (such as trending topics on social media, or anything that’s “gone viral”) is a central to sharing information on the internet. For every piece of content that’s uploaded, four other sites will post about the exact same thing. The key for your business is to not only keep up with trending content, but to make sure your content is being found first. How does one do that? NJ advertising agency Digital Insider has got you covered with all the necessary information on how to successfully handle trending content!

What is Trending Content?

According to the always handy Urban Dictionary, trending can be interpreted as “currently popular”. Think about it – how often do you get your news or decide what you’re going to discuss online by surfing the most popular hashtags and topics on social media?

From there, you need to discover what matters to your audience. Trending content by definition sparks both engagement and passionate discussion throughout the web, so your goal regarding what you post should be getting your readers to do just that (whether it be through sharing, commenting, or liking your posts). But be aware – internet trends come and go fast, which is why you need to be apart of the conversation when it starts, tapping into your insight and original ideas before everyone else. The last thing you need is to be participating in a trend that’s just gone cold.

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Everyone knows that having any advantage over your competition can be the difference between hitting it big instead of getting knocked out of the race. By knowing the breaking stories or covering the newest trends, you are not
only staying relevant, but expanding your personal knowledge gap.

We know that staying on top of trends is hard, but luckily, there are a lot of different tools available to help! Social media definitely plays a big role here. Not only is social media one of the fastest ways people connect online, but with the added engagement of specific Twitter lists, Facebook Feeds, or LinkedIn groups, they’re great places to go look for trending content. Outside of social media, RSS feeds (usually found on blogs or articles) can also help point you in the direction of the newest trends.

When you get into actual tools, BuzzSumo has become popular for tracking trending topics. BuzzSumo monitors all of the trending content and topics across every social network. It then groups everything neatly by topic, allowing you to easily recognize and navigate new trends. It also has a feature where you can group and filter articles by time, meaning that you can be on top of all trending content right as they go live. There are also a bunch of other really great tools to use – and this great list from is where you should start!

Staying on top of current internet trends can be a challenge – but don’t give up! The rewards for your business are worth it. Have more questions about trending content, social media marketing, or lead generation? Contact NJ advertising agency Digital Insider!

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