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Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website!


mobile-friendly website Digital InsiderEarlier this year, when Google revealed it was releasing a new mobile-friendly algorithm, the internet exploded. Nicknames such as “mobilegeddon” and “mobilepocalypse” became extremely popular with the announcement that the algorithm would re-rank websites based on whether or not Google perceives the website to be mobile-friendly or not.

With all of the changes having been fully rolled out last month, Digital Insider is excited to walk you through all the new information with part one in our series on mobile-friendly websites!



Why have a mobile friendly website?

As everyone knows, mobile devices are everywhere – and you want to be prepared when their ever-growing audience comes looking for you!

If your current website design is based on a desktop-only point of view, it may translate very differently to a mobile device. For instance, haven’t you ever come across a website on your smart phone that takes forever to load, and once it does, the text and links are too small to read without scrolling down or zooming in? That’s an example of a non-mobile-friendly website design.

Mobile website designs are significantly simpler and easier to load – they’re basically duplicating the same content portrayed on your desktop in a way that’s easier to translate to mobile. So instead of confusing or frustrating your audience with a design that just doesn’t work well on a mobile device (to the point where they may even leave your website altogether without actually doing anything), having both a desktop and mobile-friendly website design will serve you better in the long run.

It’s also important to understand that generally, especially in the case of Google, tablets are not considered to be mobile devices. Seeing as most tablets have larger screens (or even screens as big as a laptop or small desktop screen), desktop designs are usually what’s viewed on a mobile device.

Be sure to check back soon for part two in our series, which delves into how to go about making your website mobile-friendly!

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