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What is Contextual Advertising, and Why You Should Know About It!


As you’re putting together your digital marketing plan, you have to recognize that reaching your target audience is your top priority. But how do you go about doing that? A contextual advertising campaign could be exactly what you’re looking for.

contextual advertising_diSo what is contextual advertising?
It’s a digital marketing campaign that features advertisements on either a specific website or while searching specific keywords that target your business’ content and users. A website can have multiple ads available, but only certain ones will be shown depending on the characteristics of the site visitor (allowing the user to only see ads that pertain to pages they’ve already visited, or keywords they’ve already used).


Still confused? Think back to the film the Minority Report…

This scene in particular showcases contextual advertising of the future – all of the advertising displays are completely customized to the individual. Although we’re not quite to the point of what’s portrayed in the film, contextual ads of today still recognize your personal interests through your search and browsing habits and then show you the ads that fit your specific tastes.

So why should you be using contextual advertising?

Relevancy – You want your ads appealing to your customers. If you’re a garden center, wouldn’t you want to have your ad shown to someone who’s been searching for tools or gloves, rather than someone who’s been searching for the nearest hardware store?

Security – Going hand and hand with relevancy, you don’t want your ads showing up on either a website that goes against your company’s philosophy or a website that has nothing to do with what you’re advertising. As an example, if you’re a pet adoption agency, you wouldn’t want your ads being displayed on a website for fans of dog fighting – those aren’t your viewers.

Conversion – You want your conversion rates to rise. So when you’re thinking about your target audience, who are the people most likely to take action on your website, why wouldn’t you want to have your ads directly targeted to them?

Contextual advertising allows your business to make sure that your ads are being seen by prospective clients, who if they haven’t heard about you, are looking for you. Marketing to such a specific audience allows for not only better leads, but more engaged customers – which means more business for your business.

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