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Do You Have a Separate Mobile Ad Budget?


Consumers are focusing more and more on mobile devices and less so on their desktops and laptops. Mobile device usage has exploded; as marketers we need to take advantage of that migration by allocating portions of our display advertising budget to meet market demand. So do you need a separate mobile ad budget?

These days, nearly 70% of all consumer interaction takes place on smart phones or tablets.

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Does it make sense to have 70% of your budget allocated to desktop when it generates less than 25% of all consumer engagement? If your answer is no, this means that you have to become more aware of how your budget is invested when it comes to the type of device your target audience is using. This is when having a separate mobile ad budget will benefit your business in the long run.

As an example, media spend for mobile display has grown by 300%, more than it has for paid search or social media. This is a huge market to take advantage of! Video is now fastest growing mobile display ad format – if you haven’t already started looking into taking advantage of mobile video display or creating content for it, you’re missing out on a growing audience of consumers.

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