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Why Advertise Online?


As a fellow marketer you are already familiar with the advertising world, you have years of experience in traditional media but online advertising is an animal all of it’s own. We’d like to take a moment to outline five essential capabilities of online advertising, which are not available in any other medium. Perhaps you are already familiar with the online world, in which case you can pass on this information to your social circle and spread the word to those who are not in the know like you!

To start off lets underline the five main benefits of online advertising:

• Utility
• Targeting
• Audience
• Scalability
• Insight

Utility – No other medium allows high reach visibility in such a personable, hyper-targeted medium like online advertising. From custom ad design per tactic to cross channel advertising, from static to dynamic ads, from new conquests to remarketing, the advertiser is in control of the message and how it is presented. As the advertiser becomes a pro in this arena, campaign tactics can be adjusted simply, with a click of a button.

Targeting – Whether you want to reach a local market, a specific demographic or a specific behavior, the choice is yours. With a specific strategy, any targeting tactic you can imagine is out there and readily available.

Audience – For years we have been hearing and reading about offline activities being supplemented if not replaced entirely with online alternatives. Just think about activities such as watching videos, reading the news, listening to music or social interaction. It’s time to get aboard the ship and catch up with those sailing revenues.

Scalability – Whether you have a small budget or a large one, online advertising has a solution. From email, to social, from display to video, from SEO to SEM, no other medium can offer a budget of less than $15 a day, or scale on multimillion-dollar ventures.

Insight – With free analytics tools such as Google Analytics to paid 3rd party reporting software like DoubleClick, to custom dashboards and attribution tools, insight is around the corner. Where else can you learn how many clicks and visits were generated by your ads? How long did the prospect interact with your video, your website, which events drew their attentions and which goals were met?

If you are looking for a managed solution for an online campaign, feel free to check out our site or fill out our form for a free no obligation consultation. Otherwise we hope you found this article helpful, we look forward to sharing more industry updates and insights and sharing our thoughts with you!

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