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Video Search Engine Optimization – A Case Study You Can See


This case study highlights Digital Insider’s Video Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) program for automotive dealerships looking to promote their dynamic video content on the top of the organic search results for desirable conquest keywords on Google.

Our premier video SEO program does just that: optimizes your video content for search engine traffic. We will look at a number of clients running this program and show how it has helped them dominate the front page on Google for conquest search terms.

Let us first introduce and explain the reporting. The report below is a campaign run for Bridgewater Acura.

Introduction-Picture1a(The numbers below correspond to the numbers in the picture above.)

  1. The “Search Term” is what you enter into the search box in a search engine such as Google or Bing. In the above example for instance, “Acura Dealer in Denville, NJ” and “Acura Dealer Staten Island” were two such search queries.
  2. The number in the associated row as the search query is your video’s ranking by the search engine (e.g. Google). In the above example, typing “Acura Dealer in Denville, NJ” or “Acura Dealer Staten Island NY” into the search box brings up your video on the 1st page. The column associated with the number is the date at which the result was recorded. In this case, January 25th and May 1st, respectively.
  3. The number in the final row is the total number of search terms in which your video appears on the first page.  For example, on December 26th 2012, twelve search queries typed into the Google search engine resulted in your video being placed on the first page of the search results. For July 2nd 2013, eleven search queries appear on the first page.

Bridgewater Acura – A Conquest Campaign

Let us look again at the picture shown above, and focus on one particular search term.BridgewaterAcura-Picture2a“Acura Dealer Staten Island NY” is highlighted above. Its page rank is one, meaning it shows up on the first page of results when you search for this keyword. It’s actually been ranked on the first page all year. This targeted conquest keyword is important because there are no Acura dealerships in Staten Island. By optimizing your content for this conquest search term, potential car buyers in Staten Island who are looking to buy an Acura will find the video for your dealership instead of a competitor’s.

Here is what a Google search for the keyword looks like:

(click image to view larger size)

BridgewaterAcura-Picture3 Clicking on the link then brings up your dynamic video or commercial.

(click image to view larger size)

BridgewaterAcura-Picture4Circle Infiniti – Freehold NJ Conquest


The keyword search for “Infiniti Dealer Freehold NJ” has produced a page one ranking for Circle Infiniti for the entire year. Just like the conquest campaign for Bridgewater Acura, this is important because there are no Infiniti Dealers in Freehold. Anyone searching for an Infiniti in Freehold NJ will be directed to your video.

Smythe Volvo – Leading the Way in Number of Page-1 Rankings

The final client we look at today is Smythe Volvo. Running one of the most successful campaigns at Digital Insider, Smythe Volvo leads the way for the number of page one rankings that its videos are shown on for a given search term.


Smythe Volvo commands this list and ranks on the first page for an impressive seventeen different search terms. With two more on the second page, Smythe Volvo ranks for nineteen out of the twenty-one conquest search terms that they optimize for – dominating valuable real estate on the front page of the search engine.

There is an important corollary that must be made here. Using geo-terms (e.g. “Volvo Dealer Summit NJ”) for both targeted keywords and in the techniques we use to optimize your company’s videos often helps the video rank for search terms inside the targeted geography without the need to specify the location. For example, a person in Summit New Jersey searching for a Volvo may find your video just by typing in “Volvo Dealer”!

If your business is looking to showcase your video content on the front page of a search engine, look no further than Digital Insider’s Video Search Engine Optimization program. Whether you want to command the front page on Google, rank for search terms in new markets or promote your other services, our video SEO program will give you results you can see.

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