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Analysis of Banner Ad Network Performance – A Case Study


One of the questions you might want to ask when running a banner ad network campaign (or multiple display network campaigns) is not only “how did our display network campaign perform for a given month?” or “what percent of total traffic was driven in by the display network campaign?” but “what days of the week performed the best at driving in traffic, how much traffic did those days drive in, and is there a trend?” In this article we compare the performance of fourteen total campaigns that were run off of five different banner ad networks in the month of August. In the end we find that some days clearly perform better than others.

With Google Analytics you are able to export data to an excel spreadsheet; you are going to need to do this for our exercise. Target the relevant month, make sure that you plot the feed of the display network you want to analyze, and export the data to excel. You can now find the daily percentage of traffic being driven in by the display network by comparing it to daily total traffic. For the month of August, one of our clients looked like this:


Continue this process for all of the display network campaigns you are running and plot them all side by side. You now have a lot of information in front of you (one of the other things we like to do here at Digital Insider is compare the average daily percentage of traffic being brought in by a display network, and rank it against the others, to see which campaigns perform the best). By averaging all of your campaigns horizontally, instead of vertically, you can find the average daily traffic being brought in by day of the month. Here is what our spreadsheet looked like in August:

banner-ad-network-comparisonNow, let’s add in the day of the week and rank by performance. Charting the resulting data gives you this:


The result is clear, some days continually perform better while others underwhelm. When we tier our data into thirds, this is the resulting breakdown:


Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s appear the most in our top tier (the top 10 performing days of the month) – in fact there is not one Monday – Wednesday that appears, and only one Thursday. The second tier (the middle 10 performing days of the month) is spread out almost evenly between all days of the week, while the third tier (the bottom 11 performing days) is concentrated primarily amongst Monday – Thursday.

The conclusion is clear when ranking the daily performance of our different digital display campaigns – the day of the week does matter. Friday through Sunday would be the optimal time to display, while Monday through Thursday appear to be suboptimal. Checking multiple months can give you an insight as to whether this trend continues, or is due to another reason, such as the season of the year (in this case the summer).

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